How to Hold Your Own Casino Night

Looking for a fun party idea? Got a charity event to plan and you need a sure fire way to help boost donations? Why not hold an authentic casino night? Gaming action makes for a fun evening all the way around – and with the following tips, you can create that real Vegas feel that people love.
Tips for Holding Your Own Casino Night1. Pick great table games. You want to choose games for your Casino night that are fun, and easy to pick up and play. Some of the most popular choices include:·   Craps·   Blackjack·   Roulette·   Texas Hold Em Poker1.  Give your room a “Vegas” feel. Decorate your room with lots of over the top Las Vegas excess. Have fun with your décor and remember – the glitzier and tackier the better. Find real poker tables and authentic gambling supplies to really capture the feel of a casino.2.  Don’t forget the dealers. Someone is going to have to work the tables, so it is a good idea to either hire some folks to do the job, or set up a schedule with friends to man the games at different intervals throughout the night. Just make sure everyone knows the rules!3.  Create a special memory. A fun way to commemorate the evening is with a nice little piece of swag that everyone can take home with them. You can get customized poker chips, slot glasses or t-shirts made just for the event.
 4.  Choose the right food and drink. If you’re catering to an all-adult crowd, then the drinks should represent a “swinging” attitude. Martinis and Cosmopolitans both have that special Vegas-feel. And as for feeding your guests, be sure and choose finger food that’s not too greasy and is easy to eat while playing the games on the floor.5.  Keep a good bank. If you’re playing for real money, put someone you trust in the role of cashier. Make sure that everyone knows the rules beforehand and does not try to take any extra chips out of the till. Assign one single individual the role of cashier so that there is no confusion about who is holding the money or is responsible for payouts at the end of the evening.6.  Music. Great music provides the backdrop for a perfect Vegas night atmosphere. Choose from swinging hits of the Rat Pack or Elvis Presley during his Vegas years to really capture the essence of the casino.7.  Keep it all under control. You don’t want anyone getting out of hand at your casino night party. Make sure that nobody drinks too much and that designated drivers are always available. And if someone you know has a gambling problem, be sensitive to that fact.
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